Start with a Skippy Biological Filter ready to install next to your pond.

Cut a piece of liner material large enough to wrap over the top edge of the filter, wider than your planned waterfall and long enough to extend into your pond -- you don't want to give water the opportunity to get behind the liner as it cascades down your new waterfall.

With a sharp knife, cut an "X" or circle to make an opening.

At the newly cut opening, stretch the rubber liner over the overflow pipe and press it firmly back against the outside of the tank.

The overflow pipe with the rubber liner stretched over it should look like this.

The Filter with the rubber liner installed should look like this. You can now begin building your waterfall. Make sure as you position the liner at the top that it doesn't obstruct the opening of the overflow pipe and that the liner is always wider and longer than your waterfall so that water can never get behind the liner material and cause your pond to drain out --- this will make your fish very angry! Same thing with your media, it should come up to or just below your overflow.  We put a little extra in the pictures to stress the "toss the filter media in loosely."

Enjoy building your waterfall. You will get many hours of enjoyment from the sounds of falling water and the pride of seeing something beautiful that you created.

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