We want the help that mature beneficial bacteria can give us. BUT not all bacteria are alike. There is aerobic, which needs oxygen and anaerobic, which live in the absence of oxygen. The bigger difference between the two for our purpose is that aerobic bacteria grows and eats 30 to 50 times faster than anaerobic bacteria. In fact to illustrate this point, the amount of dead organic matter that can be consumed by aerobic bacteria in just one year would take anaerobic bacteria over thirty years. Bottom line… aerobic be fast, anaerobic be slow. Key word to make this work is of course "oxygen." Oxygen = Aeration. Add good bacteria, good aeration and the pond takes care of itself from then on.


Mother Nature invented bacteria for good reason. Bacteria is why things decay and finally become nutrients. The problem for us humans is she invented a bunch of bacteria types. Some are good for us some are NOT.

Therefore, some bacteria are good for the pond environment some are not. There are bacteria products being sold that are nothing more than the dried sludge derived from waste water and sewage treatment plants. They may contain aeromonas, e coli or even more harmful types of bacteria. A dead giveaway of these products is that they come in a dry powered form. DO NOT USE THEM. Even if they are a "safe" cultured beneficial bacteria, because they are in dry form they take a long time to grow and become mature enough to be helpful.


Our mature beneficial bacteria are 100% environmentally friendly. It is nonpathogenic, nontoxic and non-caustic. Since it is a mature (fully-grown adult ready to use) bacterium it goes to work immediately. It has a 3 to 5 year shelf life. It lives in cold water. It will work even in very low light conditions. It is not effected by hard water. It is easy to apply and is cost efficient. It is 100% safe to humans, animals and plant life. It is not disease bearing. It does not require a permit to use.

Most ponds clear within 5 weeks of first application.

Time line for this clean up was just 5 weeks!

It cleans, clears and brings the water back to a healthy natural state and is 100% safe to use.
Nuff said.


Beautiful Ponds and Gardens Pond Restoration service can provide you with the products and advice you need to clean up any pond.



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