We have had many requests for kits to build the world famous Skippy biological filter.

So, you asked for it -- you got it!

Everything you'll need including the fittings, piping, grate, bacteria** , and even the media* already pre-cut and ready to install in your Rubbermaid stock tank or plastic barrel liner***.

To be honest, you could purchase all these items (except media and bacteria) locally at the same price or even less, this just saves you a little time and some effort.

If you purchase a kit from us, the only cutting you will have to do is the hole for the closet flange. This is overflow that returns the water to the pond. Using the closet flange as a template draw the circle with a marker. Drill a pilot hole along the line and with a saber saw cut it out. It takes a few minutes is all.

* Each kit comes with the right amount of media for the size tank you are building.

** Each kit comes with a quart of Skippy's Own Bacteria. Once the Skippy filter is built and up and running, use this wonderful beneficial bacterium to start the biological process. Note: Ponds over 5000 gallons may require an additional quart to fully establish the bacteria colony. Existing ponds that contain a lot of algae, sludge or other organic matter may require Skippy's Enzymes. If you would like to order an additional quart of Skippy's Own or Skippy's Enzymes please do so at the time you order the kit. Skippy's Own $26.99 quart, Skippy's Enzymes $16.99 pint.

*** The Rubbermaid stock tank is bulky and costs a bunch to ship. You can find them at your local farm supply or feed store. For the "Mini-Me" Filter, use a 20 gallon plastic barrel liner found at most Home Improvement or Garden Centers -- downsize all the PVC to 1 inch and use a 2 inch floor shower drain instead of the 4 inch flange.

Mini-Me tank kit $79.00
70 gallon stock tank kit $167.00
100 gallon stock tank kit $191.00
150 gallon stock tank kit
(Includes 2nd grate and supports)

Whether you have an established pond or are just thinking about putting your first one in, we invite you to call our Help Line:

(313) 383-8653 or
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