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We have always taken the logical approach to this hobby called "ponding". Actually, we are some real lazy people, kind of cheap and believe that you should enjoy your pond, while not constantly fighting that old "green water" problem and be able to maintain a pond without a lot of effort and additives, especially that effort word as that means work, which is at the top of bad 4 letter words list.

The first update is this and it is going to spark a bunch of controversy.

DO NOT EVER CLEAN THIS FILTER! Wow, did we really say ever = never = not at all = let it alone, etc. WE SURE DID. If you get a good balance going, you should never have to clean your filter.  Here is the story.... Skippy's Beautiful Ponds & Gardens is a small mom and pop operation in Taylor, Michigan. We got into ponding when someone said "hey this looks like a nice place for a pond" and someone else ran for a shovel. That's all we knew about ponds, the rest is history, basically we made all the mistakes and therefore now call ourselves experts. Right, but anyway here is the story we want to tell.

After a bunch of mistakes and through trial and mostly error we came up with this design and all seemed to go well, i.e.: clean and clear water. That was what we wanted so we just let well enough alone. A season went by and we got busy or in truth ignored the filter, therefore did not clean it. One season ran into the next and after 7 years of not so much as touching the filter we maintained clean and clear water. Then one day some knucklehead said anybody clean that there filter contraption lately? Real brainer here... when everything was going just fine we decide to break the Cardinal Rule "If it is not broke do not fix it." Off we go... The filter media was a nasty, slimly, gunky, yuky... get the picture?  (click here for the best media to use)  But what was happening is that the filter was doing exactly what it was designed to do. That being (short version) the media was trapping the organic matter, holding it long enough for the beneficial bacteria (click here for the best bacteria to use) to decompose it and then releasing it to begin the biological process all over again. 4 Keys to making this filter work and it really does work... the dirtier the better!


Click On Each OF The Keys Above For Details oops, except for DESIGN as that is what we are about to do and that just takes you right back here anyway, so I guess I should shut-up and get on with it, etc and so on.

Many heart felt "Thank You's" for all the people who have emailed us and are now using the

Another good reason to build this filter is it is cheap..... Nuf said!!

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Building A Bio-Logical Filter for your Pond

As stated elsewhere, we believe the only way to go is with an out of the pond filtration system. This is a true Bio-Logical filter, therefore all those fancy UV's and other such stuff are useless. Actually using a UV with a biological filter is an oxymoron. The UV kills bacteria along with the algae spores and bacterium are one of the 4 keys to make this biological process happen. For more explanation on why this type of filter works, see FM Cure for Green Water elsewhere on this site.

Note: You will need some patience. Not now, but when you get the filter up and running. Under ideal circumstances... good weather, right bacteria, etc. Mother Nature takes her time. It may take from 4 to 8 weeks before the first cycle happens. Green to Clear.  Do not be surprised if it cycles several times, but wait it out, don't clean, relax and it will happen for you. Here are a few things that will hinder progress... Using any of the following: Chlorine in the water or any other additive that kills bacteria, cleaning it, pond decorated with either limestone or sandstone. This type of mineral matter is soft and erodes easily. The suspended particles will attract algae and/or your water will always be murky. Hint: Grand Canyon and the mighty muddy Colorado River. This is a good time to start helping your pond to balance. Along with regular doses of beneficial bacteria, you should be adding plants.

So lets build one:

New... picture of completed filter.. click here

Parts list:

Skippy's Tip: The reason we use a Rubbermaid stock tank. -- Old Style -- New Style is because of the rounded sides which enables the water to swirl in the bottom. This swirl effect helps to ensure that the water is filtered evenly as it flows upward through the media. Of course you have to have the right media. Sales Pitch for media click here. You will notice the tank has indentations where the drain plug is installed. When the water flow, coming into the tank out of the elbows, hits these indentations it really creates a turbulence, which also helps. We told you before that we have made a lot of mistakes. Some of them were trying to use square tubs, 55 gal drums, everything from coolers to pickup truck toolboxes as a filter. They all have one thing in common… they failed. The Rubbermaid stock tank works. It is sturdy and strong so it will with stand colder climates also, after all it is used down or up on the farm. No need to thank us, for making all those mistakes for you, it's our job. I sound like a Rubbermaid salesperson, I am not, but wonder if those guys are selling a lot more tanks for ponds now than for the field. If someone knows please let me know. Email Us

Okay, back to the parts list.

The steps to building the filter.

Skippy’s tips:

That's pretty much it. With this type of construction you do have many options. Here are just a few:

Mini-Me Skip Jr. Biological Filter

Many people have asked if there is a smaller version of the Skippy Filter!
Per your request, here is the Mini-Me Skip Jr. Biological Filter.
Good for ponds up to about 750 gallons is our best guess.
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