Winter Fish Saver

Summer Biological Enhancer

Winterize Your Pond


Do it yourself or we can build one for you



Greatly enhances the overall biological process!

Energy efficient about as much as a night light!

Cleans the water of toxic gases  ammonia!

Constantly circulates the water!

Adds dissolved oxygen both summer and winter!

Helps to prevent winter fish kill!

Better than a costly deicer and more effective!



Do your fish a favor One of the best things you can do for your pond's environment is to add dissolved oxygen and circulate the water. 


Oxygen = Life


Oxygen is needed to keep the fish healthy, but another big benefit to adding oxygen to your pond is the whole biological process depends on it.  The good bacteria, aerobic, need it.  Aerobic bacteria are 30 to 50 times faster at dissolving organic waste than anaerobic bacteria.  In other words what it takes anaerobic bacteria 50 years to dissolve can be accomplished by aerobic bacteria in just 1 year.  If you want a clear, clean and healthy pond then add dissolved oxygen, it is that simple.


Circulation = Water Clarity


It is a misconception to compare the gallons per hour of the main pump to the gallons contained in the pond to get a turn over rate.  There is no way for a pump to completely turn over all the water in the pond every hour or even every day as there are dead spots and in actual operation the water coming into the pond from either a waterfall or just a pipe will only set up a narrow current from the inlet to the pump.  See Illustration below:




The further you get away from this current the water gets less and less circulation, in fact very often the water is just stagnating.  These dead spots are breeding grounds for algae and places where ammonia and other toxic gases will accumulate.  A waterfall or a fountain will only add some surface oxygen and does little to help the depths of the pond. 


Now add the aerator/circulator box:




The system continually provides circulation to eliminate the dead spots.  The floating dead organic matter is being pushed to the pump and sucked up into the biological filter.  The entire overall process is greatly enhanced. 


The big constant burst of bubbles adds the much needed dissolved oxygen to the depths of the pond and makes the beneficial aerobic bacteria thrive therefore consuming the dead organic matter keeping the pond clear, clean and healthy.


The aerator/circulator box also contains a bag of zeolite and pelletized carbon.  Zeolite is a natural ammonia sponge and pelletized carbon absorbs other toxic elements.  Pelletized carbon is 15 times more effective than normal activated carbon.


During the winter when there is ice over the pond carbon monoxide will build up and get trapped under the ice.  Ammonia the real fish killer is building up at the bottom of the pond.  The fish do not die from the cold they die do to suffocation.  THE WATER GOES BAD.  A deicer (heater) does nothing to prevent the bottom accumulation of ammonia. 



This aerator/circulator box will prevent the ammonia build up while at the same time because of the explosion of bubbles most times will keep the ice from forming completely over the pond.  Most deicers use around 1500 watts, the 500 GPH model uses only 45 watts.  One season alone using this box and the deicer as a back up only will pay for itself.   Keep in mind even during the coldest of winters if the pond completely freezes over the unit is still absorbing toxic gases while at the same time adding life giving oxygen to the water.


Enough of a sales pitch lets build one:


                Parts list:

                    1       Hard plastic pistol/tool case                                          

                    1       Venturi                                                   

                    1       Bag of zeolite & carbon                                          

                    1       4 ft. 1/4 inch hose                                                             


                             Pump (example is 500 GPH)                                    


We sell the 500 for $219.99.......   WHY?  Well, we get the zeolite, carbon, media and the boxes in bulk, so our price is a pretty good deal.  You may be able to find the box somewhat cheaper and it is kind of fun to build one of your own so here is how       


One more sales pitch before we do give you the directions (sorry)

250 Model


Ponds up to

500 gal.

350 Model



700 gal.

500 Model



1000 gal.

700 Model



1500 gal.

950 Model



2000 gal.

1200 Model



2500 gal.

1800 Model


up to and over

3000 gal.

On the above pond sizes we used the SAG* approach


*Smart As_ Guess!


Building the box


Click here for a picture of all the parts  


Open the box and place the pump with the venturi attached inside.  Cut an opening for the venturi  click here


On the other end of the box cut an opening for the cord click here


On the end where the cord comes out drill a bunch of holes click here.


Be sure to drill holes in the top, end and bottom of the box.  Clean off the shavings etc.


Place the bag of zeolite/carbon mix in the box with the draw strings away from the pump.  Click here


Place the 1/4 inch hose on the venturi and add the pump/venturi combination to the box.  Click here


Add several lavers of media on top of the zeolite/carbon bag leaving room for good water flow around the inlet of the pump.  Click here


Close the box and that's it click here


See it working click here


Another bonus about this unit


The zeolite is reusable!!!!



Just every so often soak the entire bag in kosher salt water for 24 hours, rinse and put back into the box.  The salt releases the trapped ammonia and the zeolite is ready to go again.  Every so often depends on fish load etc. as a rule of thumb every month seems pretty good.  Enjoy


Whether you have an established pond or are just thinking about putting your first one in, we invite you to call our Help Line:

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